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Struggling for life in Afghanistan

Zafar Salehi- YWC member


It is heavily snowing in Kabul today, Afghanistan is known for its severe winter in the past few year. We are consistently losing several life of afghans because of  heavy snow and unforgiving winter. Today when I woke up early in the morning and looked at the window of my room, noticed that there is a heavy snow fall. It reminded me of people who lost their lives during winters in our country last year and the previous years. Decided to purposely walk from the place where I live(Kart e Char) to Pol e Sorkh to feel the burden of difficulties people have on their shoulders during winter and to feel the pain of those people for a short while.

Those of us whose life is limited to the basic facilities of life like food for a day, Shelter, a pair of shoes and warm cloth to wear, forgetting about Health care, education and many more. In an independent and people chosen regime in the world these facilities are the legitimate right of the citizens to be provided by the government for its people whom are in need.

Now despite the fact that we have millions national, international, civil and human right organizations working in Afghanistan the circulation of the enormous amount of AID in the country we still find so few people and few organizations that  focuses on providing possible aid for those who are in need in Afghanistan in the winter. Last year we were able to collect some warm clothes some amount money donated by friends and online through Young Women for Change to implement the winter project although it not matching with our mission nor with our vision we felt they need and we ignored all the vision and mission of the organization for few months and focused on the project. I am not writing to prove YWC’s work  and that we did was enough or good.  I am writing this so that everyone of us who live a luxury life should feel responsible and should fulfill their part of responsibility, stand up and help those who are in need whether it is women rights issue or a cold winter before it is too late.



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