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(YWC), founded in April 2011, is an independent non-profit organization consisting of dozens of volunteer women and male advocates across Afghanistan who are committed to empowering Afghan women and improving their lives through social and economical participation, political empowerment, awareness and advocacy.
YWC was co-founded by Noorjahan Akbar and Anita Haidary.

Members of Young Women for Change are committed to promoting gender equality, empowering women and increasing Afghan women’s social participation.

What makes YWC different?
YWC is one of the premier Afghan women’s advocacy movements founded by Afghan women for Afghan women. We are a growing grassroots feminist movement with a long-term vision for women in Afghanistan. It was established to empower women across the country and recruit them to the struggle for gender equality. YWC members are all volunteers and the organization is funded purely using donations and fundraising events.
In addition to awareness programs, we have held the very first anti-street harassment march in Afghan history, and has conducted the first ever large-scale study of sexual harassment in Afghanistan. In April 2012, YWC held a protest to ask for justice for the women who have faced abuse and violence. YWC has also opened the first ever women’s net cafe in Kabul and a learning center for men and women to teach literacy and language and computer skills.

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  1. Power to you, Sisters!

  2. this is really AMAZING!!! we are all with you From California to Afghanistan with respect!

  3. Thanks to some brave and committed women, things really do change! And change is very, very necessary… Respect!

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