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Why I support Young Women for Change

Ilias Alami
YWC- supporter

Few days ago as I was talking to a friend, I heard about a fundraising fashion show in Kabul by Young Women for Change. My first impression was a big surprise and then a smile came to my face. I realized that the movement started by the young Afghan women who has experienced and went through a lot of hardships during the past regime in Afghanistan is going in the very right and flourishing direction. This enthusiasm didn’t end right there, I started searching the web and found a viral video clip of the fashion show reported by BBC Persian in facebook. The video clip brought me joy and happiness. But it struck and saddened me when I saw the comment section. Beside some support from civilized citizens, I saw some really rude and harsh comments. That brought me here to write few lines.

Here I would like to express my feelings towards the work done by YWC members in and outside Afghanistan. I support YWC because they are young, they are women and they want change. What else would you wish for? All the energy that is needed for a great movement to take place and become prosperous is right there with them. With the support of us and other fellow Afghans they will be able to achieve the goals they strive to.

They are young; history has proven over its course that the potential of every movement and civic activity was and is the young body that sparks the flame. These young female and male advocates and activists have the energy to work hard and long hours to overcome the current and future obstacles on their way.

They are women; women were suppressed in this country for a very long period of time. They were deprived of the basic necessity of today’s world; Education. In our male dominated society they were looked as a second class citizen. It is enough now. These hardships must’ve come to an end long ago, but unfortunately no one dared to stand against it. But now that we have these young talented women, why not stand next to them in their endeavors to bring change for the good of half of the society.

They want change; the word ‘change’ is one of its kinds. People in different societies from developed to under- developed countries always wish to see a change in their community. But no one is there to stand and ask for this change and fight for this change. YWC has taken their baby steps and have moved to their next stage of bringing this social justice for women of Afghanistan. They have tirelessly given hand in hand to defend the rights of HALF of the society, which is a very big and positive change. Change always doesn’t mean bad or negative. They want a human like life with human dignity and there is nothing wrong with that change in any context.

I think using rude and harsh words for the great work these young ladies with support of their male colleagues are doing is not just and very unfair too. But we as a nation must come and stand beside them to successfully overcome this taboo of women being second class citizens, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT.

March 8 is the start not the end.



Any views or opinions presented in this post are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the YWC.

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