Empowering Women across Afghanistan 

Help the Children of Afghanistan Survive 2

Dear supporters,

This winter the weather in Afghanistan has been cruel cold. As a result many children living under tents and families who can’t afford to buy wood are dying. Please help them.

How you can help?

- All Afghans and others living in Afghansitan look around you house and if you have warm clothes, blankets, or shoes please bring it to us, so we can donate them.
- You can also donate money, so we can buy wood and donate it to them.
- You can get involved by spreading the word in your office and at home and by volunteering the day we take the materials.
- Here is an online link to donate through for those who are not in Afghanistan:

Here is a contact number you can call for the address or you can also text us.

Thank you.


Ladies’ Evening!

Dear Sisters!

Young Women for Change, Hadia and RED (Road to Equality and Development) invite you to our Ladies’ Evening. This event will be an opportunity for you to relax in a safe environment and enjoy good food and live music. You can also make friends, create larger network among women of different backgrounds and learn about the work of the host organizations during the evening!

The event will be held from 4:00 to 5:30pm on Thursday, September 20, 2012 at Young Women for Change Center, Passed Allaudin Orphanage, Darulaman Road.

See you soon!

Young women for Change, RED, Hadia


Fundraising Henna Bandaan

Fundraising Henna Bandaan

Hello, Friend!

To celebrate Eid-ul-Fetr and to share our joy with the child laborers in Kabul city, we invite you to our office for a Henna Bandaan, a gathering where you put henna on your hand. We have talented Henna artists who will charge a small fee for making your hand absolutely gorgeous with Afghan designs. All the funds raised will be used to buy Eidy, or Eid gifts, to children who work on the streets of our city. We will distribute the gifts on the first day of Eid along with posters about child marriage, education, women’s empowerment, etc.

3:00pm, Thursday and Friday, August 16-17
YWC Office, Darlaman Road
Call us to RSVP and get the detailed address!

We hope you can make it to this fun event!

See you there!

Young Women for Change


Lecture and Debate: Women in Islamic Law

Lecture and Debate: Women in Islamic Law

Dear friend, 
As holly Ramadan has arrived, hereby you are invited to a lecture and debate about woman in Islamic law. Come, teach, and learn. We hope to have you in Iftaari afterwards as well.

5:30pm- Friday, August 3, 2012

Sahar Gul Net Cafe, Karte Chaar, Kabul, Afghanistan
Call us to RSVP:

See you there!

Young Women for Change


Lecture: What is Gender?

Lecture: What is Gender?

In August of 2011, in collaboration with Kateb Institute of Higher Education, Young Women for Change held a speech on gender by Mr. Nematullah Elahi.

Mr. Elahi has graduated from Sha’aria Teachers University and the International University of Islamabad, Pakistan, after studying philosophy of religion. He has also received a diploma in Persian literature and language enrichment from Tehran University of Religious Scholars. He has worked in the fields of human rights, gender, governance and journalism in different national and international organizations and been a member of the Shura of Muslim Scholars on Women’s Rights in Islam and a professor at Karwan University. Right now, Mr. Elahi is the Senior Legal Specialist in Azaad Islamic University. A number of Mr. Elahi’s articles on women’s rights and political and social issues have been published.

The lecture, attended by over 70 youth, was an hour of information about the sociology of gender and sex. After the lecture, a heated debate and question and answer session was held.


Walk against Street Harassment

Walk Against Street Harassment

Photo: Afghanistan Today

One of the most efficient ways to fight street harassment, in addition to treating those who harass with justice and legal punishment, is to raise awareness about the issue. Young Women for Change took this on in April. In the month of July, we led the first ever walk against street harassment of women. On July 14,  more than fifty youth joined us as we walked in the west of Kabul. The police was very supportive and the media very friendly. This led to a lot of coverage of the organization and awareness about the issue. It was the beginning for a dialogue on the issue. Soon TVs and radios picked up the issues, debates were created and YWC members went on air to answer questions from people around the country. Read more about this campaign here: http://www.undispatch.com/demanding-dignity-on-kabuls-streets-afghan-women-march-against-sexual-harassment


First Annual Meeting

First Annual Meeting

On May 25, 2011- during the meeting of Young Women for Change in Afghan culture house more than 60 Afghan women got together to discuss specific issues that women in Afghanistan faces. Some Afghan women were attending this meeting from a long distance from Washington DC through Skype. Afghan women living in the east Cost, United States were present in the meeting the whole time by Skype video and talked with Afghan women attending the meeting in Afghan Culture House directly. This meeting started with two short speeches about the program by Noorjahan Akbar in Kabul and Mariam Ufyani in Washington DC, the founders of the Young Women for Change. After the opening speeches the participants were divided into four groups to plan specific events and to talk about specific issues in their groups with a group leader keeping the group organized and focused on the topics. This meeting focused on specific issues such as Women’s Shelters’ Laws and regulations, Family law, literacy, Work with Religious Leaders, Women’s participations on the Peace Jirga, etc. At the end of the meeting the group leaders and all four groups got together again. The four group leader let everyone know how their group discussion went, what issues they talked about and ways the group members suggested to help reduce the discussed problems. With the group members’ agreement the group leaders’ set up a specific time to meet with her group sometime this week to bring those ideas into an action.